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Intellectual property

Intellectual property


The company has declared 27 invention patents, including 23 authorized invention patents and 1 appearance patent. In 2010, it was recognized as a patent demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province.




>>>>>>>>Partial Patent List


    1.  A method for preparing linezolid crystal form I by suspension crystallization (Figure)
    2.  Synthetic process of norfloxacin (picture)
    3.  A refining method of atorvastatin intermediate (Figure)
    4.  Method for preparing amorphous atorvastatin calcium (picture)
    5.  Preparation method of carbapenem antibiotic intermediates (Figure)
    6.  A synthesis process of 4-acetoxy-2-azetidinone... (Figure)
    7.  A new preparation method of alendronic acid (Figure)
    8.  A highly selective method for synthesizing moxifloxacin (picture)
    9.  Evaporation crystallization process of a crystalline form I linezolid (Figure)
    10. 4-Preparation method of oxobutyric acid (simplified) (picture)
    11. Preparation method of high-purity atorvastatin calcium (Figure)
    12. Preparation of high-purity crystalline sodium atorvastatin (picture)
    13. A non-equal ratio cis-sertraline hydrochloride (Figure)
    14. Preparation of an amorphous atorvastatin calcium (Figure)
    15. Preparation of an amorphous fluvastatin sodium (Figure)
    16. Tert-Butyl acetate (simplified) (picture)

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